I was raised right here in Corpus Christi, where I fell in love with my city and the amazing people who make it our community!

From an early age, I was involved in serving our city through participation in a crisis intervention ministry. This fueled my drive to help find ways to improve the quality of life and opportunity for our neighbors.

It was very clear that we needed to find ways to improve our environment and our support for local small business. Success or failure to each of these businesses is more than whether a shop opens or closes; it impacts families, their dreams and their investments, and the overall amenities of the area.

I became involved in our local business associations and chambers of commerce to further my opportunities to serve you. I also joined several boards, committees and organizations. I volunteered my time on these committees to serve a variety of needs in our city including advancing the conversation in homelessness, uniting efforts to support local businesses, and being involved in the planning and strategizing the future direction of our district.

We have seen decades of stagnant and slow-moving progress in our district – however, I have witnessed the success and the opportunity for achieving our goals for District 4. My passion is my community – my strategy is to thrive and grow together. 


Kaylynn Paxson, State Rep Todd Hunter and Rusty Griffith at a community event.


Homeschool – Corpus Christi, graduated 2007

Bachelors in Political Science – Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, 2013

Masters in Public Administration – Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, 2018

PhD in Public Administration – Walden University, expected graduation date 2023


Kaylynn Paxson with her mom, Deborah, at the American Bank Center, after receiving her Master’s Degree in Public Administration from TAMUCC.


Mercy-Seat Ministries, Board of Directors – 2019-Present

Island Strategic Action Committee, Committee Member – 2019-2020

Subcommittee member: TIRZ 2, Bond 2018 & Bond 2020, Short Term Rental, initial strategy meeting for the Padre Island/Mustang Island, Development Plan meeting (March, 2020)

Nueces Together, Board of Directors – 2019-Present

Advisory Council on Alcohol & Substance Abuse and Homelessness, Committee Member Appointed – 2019-2020

Padre Island Business Association

Board of Directors, 2018-Present

Ambassador, 2016-Present

Chair Hospitality Committee, 2018-Present


Kaylynn Paxson speaking about her ideas for the City of Corpus Christi, at the Island United PAC.


SPARKi Award Nominee, Recognized for Excellence in Advancing the Coastal Bend Tourism Industry 2018

Greater Corpus Christi Hospitality Association

Strategic Plan; Author & Implementation Committee, PIBA – 2018-2020

Coordinator/Chair of Committee: Taste of the Island, 2016-2019

Barefoot Mardi Gras, 2015-2019 – Events Coordinator-Planner: Parade, Festival, and Ball

Needs Assessment/Strategy Recommendation – Corpus Christi Public Libraries, 2018

Padre Island Business Association Ambassador/ Calendar Officer, 2016-2017

Grant Writing, 2016-2017 – Grow Local South Texas / Burn Pits 360, Veteran Resources

Animal Rehabilitation Keep (ARK), 2005-2011, The University of Texas Marine Science Institute- Port Aransas, Texas

Mercy-Seat Worship & Healing Center, 1999-2005, 24-Hour Crisis Intervention / Minister of Music / Food & Clothing Distribution


Efficiency and follow through
Our district has seen too many years of “hoped” for projects and not enough occurrences of “completed” projects. Bond projects expire. Funds are repeated as designs become outdated before work starts. Projects are piece-worked costing more money in the long run. Streets are needing repaired- for years. Mobility access is a MUST for all of the ways this district needs to travel; truck, golf cart, car and foot.

With two years of experience in a city committee, I have seen the potential to reach success and get our progress and repairs done. And I have worked with the committee to get things done which have waited on the back burned for too long. I want to see this same success in the entire district 4 – and I know we can see it!

Representation and growth
District 4 has some of the main attractions the city has to offer – and it also has some of the most potential for growth! During the past two years I have worked even closer with our business community as a member of the PIBA board to build and strengthen relationships and partnerships throughout our city so that we can capitalize on all of the best things our city has to offer; and to increase equal representation and recognition of our district. I believe in our local businesses – and I believe they have huge potential to thrive and grow.

I am determined with YOUR help to make this belief a reality. Our local businesses are the heart of our community and economy. We have seen TOO MANY doors close. TOO MANY dreams end. It is time we solve the tough problems and realize the VISION of a thriving environment for small business in our entire district!

Each member of our district is valued in our district. Each need is a valid need. In early 2019 I was appointed to a council on homelessness. I worked with this council until a designated city department was created to focus solely on finding solutions to some of the most challenging needs are met for the staggering number of needs in our city. We have seen this city come together and solve needs that many cities would be devastatingly crippled by. This is an incredible city. I KNOW with the right people and organizations working towards the same goal WE CAN meet the needs in our district.
I want our neighbors and visitors to be able to drive our streets and see hope and vibrance. It requires effective partnerships and a common goal to accomplish such a great task – working WITH you I know we can do this. We will not continue to say “we are working on it”; we will say “we have found success”.

District 4 needs a representative with vision for our best #FUTURE. Our community deserves leadership that recognizes and strives to achieve our fullest potential: strong and durable infrastructure. Economic and community centric planning. Academic and career growth and potential – and access to both. We are blessed with an incredible district full of untapped potential – its time for a leader who recognizes it and looks FORWARD towards it. Building it WITH YOU. Don’t wait any longer, the #future is always in motion, and we cannot be left behind by doing things the same way we have always done them. “Because we have always done it this way” does not satisfy. Vision, drive and collaboration is what district 4 needs. Lets look forward; to our #FUTURE. 

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